This is a template for a simple marketing or informational website. It includes a large callout called a jumbotron and three supporting pieces of content. Use it as a starting point to create something more unique.


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Recent jobs

Staff Writer

IVPN non tech, writing, marketing 7 days ago RemoteOK

Product Marketer

Snowplow Analytics product manager, marketing, non tech 33 days ago RemoteOK

Social Media & Community Curator

Digitally Imported, Inc. marketing, social media, copywriting 39 days ago RemoteOK

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Appsembler marketing, saas, senior 50 days ago RemoteOK

Technical Marketing Manager

Auth0 exec, marketing 116 days ago RemoteOK

Staff writer

IVPN writing, non tech, marketing 127 days ago RemoteOK

Growth Hacker

LeapIN marketing, customer acquisition 127 days ago RemoteOK

Growth Marketer

Prezly marketing 134 days ago RemoteOK

Marketing Manager

Boords marketing 151 days ago RemoteOK

Front End Engineer Growth Lifecycle

GrubHub Seamless design, marketing, engineer 176 days ago RemoteOK

Product Marketer

ConvoPanda marketing, intercom, saas 176 days ago RemoteOK

Community Manager

OfficeNinjas community, marketing, community management 179 days ago RemoteOK

Product Marketing manager

GatherContent marketing, product marketing, saas 179 days ago RemoteOK

Product Marketing Manager

Giant Swarm product manager, exec, marketing 180 days ago RemoteOK

Travel Agent

takeabed travel, marketing, sales 206 days ago RemoteOK

Marketing Manager

CCS Group marketing, growth, content 215 days ago RemoteOK

Marketing Engineering

trivago N.V marketing, engineer 215 days ago RemoteOK

Marketing Manager (SaaS)

Filestage marketing, growth, strategy 228 days ago RemoteOK

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

WP Media marketing, CMO, products 236 days ago RemoteOK


Doubledot Media marketing, copywriter 240 days ago RemoteOK

Growth Manager

MistoBox marketing, retention, ecommerce 245 days ago RemoteOK

Java Software Developer For Marketing

Outletcity Metzingen dev, java, marketing 250 days ago RemoteOK

Director of Marketing

Hakka Labs marketing, community, data science 262 days ago RemoteOK

Growth Marketing Consultant

Time Doctor consulting, marketing 274 days ago RemoteOK


SafetyWing marketing, exec, growth 295 days ago RemoteOK

Marketing & SEO // Intern (Paid)

Skyrocket Digital Online Marketing, seo, marketing 297 days ago RemoteOK

Customer Marketing Manager

Semaphore CI marketing, saas, exec 305 days ago RemoteOK

New Business Development Director

Starberry marketing, sales, design 313 days ago RemoteOK

Senior Digital Marketer

Web Profits senior, marketing, non tech 314 days ago RemoteOK

Danish PR/Content Marketing/Linkbuilding

In Marketing We Trust seo, marketing, exec 315 days ago RemoteOK